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Wellness Leeuwarden

We are specialised in many different levels at the areas of massage and pedicure. Grant yourself the relaxment of body and soul in a relaxing and free accessible  environment.

Through this link you can call us or make an appointment by Whatsapp (between 9am-10pm)



Throughout my years of experiences at chinese massage and chinese pedicure I became a specialist in relaxation and personal care and wellbeing for my customers. Every day I am available for you between 10.00 am and 09.00 pm.



With our wide range of treatments we can offer a solution for every situation. For example by chronic painrelief upto a wonderful massage of relaxation. You will find all this at our massage Salon.

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Underneath you can find our pricetable we use. In this way you always know in advance what is to be payed so no unpleasant surprises will occur.

We want to give a possibility to every person, both young and elderly people, both people who have little to spend and the wealthy ones,  to use our treatments.

We therefore offer especially for 

Students and Seniors (65+)


  on our prices of no less than

10% !!

(complete payment in advance)

(standard price Relax € 40,- / Sport € 48,-  p.m./p.p.)

-- Massage of 60 Minutes --

3 Relax Massages : € 115,- (€ 38,- per Massage/per Person)

3 Sport Massages : € 135,- (€ 45,- per Massage/per Person)

5 Relax Massages : € 175,- (€ 35,- per Massage/per Person)

5 Sport Massages : € 215,- (€ 43,- per Massage/per Person)

10 Relax Massages : € 320,- (€ 32,- per Massage/per Person)

10 Sport Massages : € 400,- (€ 40,- per Massage/per Person)


If you search for an original Gift for your partner, friends or family, a GIFT VOUCHER for a Massage or Pedicure treatment will always be a special and personal gift.

You can order Giftvouchers with us starting from € 20,- or more, and choose the treatments yourself.

30 minutes

Pedicure upto 45 min, incl.nail-painting 25,-
Cupping Treatment 15,-
Feet massage 25,-
Neck, back en shoulder massage 25,-
Face massage 25,-

60 minutes

Relax massage 40,-
Pair massage 75,-
Sport massage 48,-
Pregnancy massage 40,-
Four hands massage 75,-
Herbal Oil massage 45,-
Hotstone treatment 60,-
Cupping massage 50,-
Chronic pain massage 45,-

90 minutes

Relax massage 60,-
Pair massage 115,-
Sport massage 70,-
Pregnancy massage 60,-
Four hands massage 115,-
Herbal Oil massage 60,-
Hotstone treatment 100,-
Cupping massage 70,-
Chronic pain massage 60,-

Special Package Massage DeLuxe

Choose a Special CompletePackage
150 minutes for only € 90,- with
  • Relax- or Sport Massage
  • Hotstone treatment!
  • Pedicure
  • Feet Reflex Massage
  • Facemassage

Special Package Pedicure DeLuxe

Choose a Special CompletePackage
90 minutes for only € 50,- with
  • Feet Herbal Bath
  • Pedicure treatment
  • Callus removal, nail cutting and varnishing
  • Feet Reflex Massage with lower-leg Massage
  • Footmask

Payment preferably cash or per Tikkie (info:

Perhaps unneccesarily mentioned, the massages are not erotic tinted,

it's forbidden to take off your underwear,

so erotic acts will not take place.

With emphasis, so do also not ask about this.

Our Salon has a good name, which we want to keep up.

Through this link you can call us or make an appointment by Whatsapp (between 9am-10pm)



We mostly work by appointment made in advance.

We gladly distinguish ourselves from other Wellnessfacilities through our great range of openingtimes

Monday 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Tuesday 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Wednesday 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Thursday 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Friday 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Sunday and holidays 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

(sundays and holidays only with appointment)

Treat yourself



On the 16th of November 2019 we moved our Salon into the City, towncentre, between the Voorstreek and the Nieuwekade/Oosterkade, with enough parkingplaces, both charged (€ 1,60/hour), at the Oosterkade and Noordvliet, as also a FREE parking zone for 2 hours  at the Oostergrachtswal and Oostersingel.

You can ring the bell at our entrance door with or without an appointment, after which our masseuse will let you in, to take a seat in our waiting room, or if there is time immediately you can get a massage or pedicure.

We advise you to make an appointment in advance, so you not have to wait.


Our Address

Tuinen 25

8911 KC Leeuwarden


+31 (0)616499253


We are looking for a masseuse!

Experience and understanding the Dutch language is a benefit,
but not necessary,
you will be trained inhouse by us.

Call us for more information if you are seriously interested.

We would be glad to get your acquaintance!

Give us a call at our telephonenr.: +31 (0)616499253

Companyname: Wellness Leeuwarden
KvK-nr.: 71840540, Company-nr.: 000039996891, Tax-nr.: NL251845771B03

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